Bramwell Gonzales

Jun 1, 2020

2 min read

Emerging social media won’t ruin us

Chill and let the world evolve. Technology is just part of the earth’s evolution. It’s the progression that is damaging our society. New trends just always repeat itself and will continue to play itself out.

The debate about the negative effects of social media on young people today is such a reflexive topic. So many people are talking about how social media harms youth, how children are being “corrupted” by it, and even how our democracy is being torn down.

Let us not blame social media for its negative effect on our society. There is a huge, unreasonable marginalization of new technology when, in fact, people behave as they have always done.

If you have good intentions, people will realize just how good you really are about a human. When you’ve got bad intent, people will also know that. If there’s one thing that we can learn here is to accept all of our shortcomings.

Nobody is to blame for these actions. Everybody does stupid things when they’re adolescents. Everybody makes mistakes. Now the only difference is that social media exposes those behaviors to the world.